Monday, July 4, 2016


Well I bet you have wondered where I have been? Well...I severely sprained my ankle. I have basically been hobbling around, not driving because it is my right foot. So no shopping or cooking really, basically home bound. Good thing I work from home most of the time anyway. But I am on the mend. Using only one crutch and no crutch when there are cabinets I can brace myself on. I can carry stuff too! With the one crutch I can get myself a drink or make myself something to eat. It is the little things that make me excited. I can't carry the pug but I can let her out, feed her and get her water.

I am getting a lot of love from the pug. 
Evident by the pug fur on my ankle brace and everything else around here. 
I can't wait to vacuum. Boy I never thought I would say that ever. 
Did I say that?

Something amazing has happened while I have been missing. Though I have not been able to cook or blog. The traffic on the blog started to sky rocket. The post on Masonables became crazy popular! First on Pinterest and then on Facebook. I am humbled and excited about all this. Thanks to any and everyone who has visited that post and shared on their social media. I really appreciate it! While I started blogging to just pass on family recipes and recipes I never wanted to forget; I really enjoy helping others enjoy food and cooking. The shares and comments I have read really have made me feel like I can help. It just spurs me on to keep cooking and sharing.

Before my injury, I was testing more ideas for those mason jars and fruit cups. It is so frustrating that I can not get around well. I so want to get the new stuff made, photographed and posted. So please be patient and come back in the future for more #Masonable or Fruit Cup + Mason Jar ideas. I have a lot of ideas running around in my head. 

Another post to come is about my love of Baked Eggs. I was a little obsessed before my injury. I was making a new variation every morning. I will post them just as soon as I can. Until then I just want to thank everyone who visits my little blog. I appreciate your time and all the times you share my posts with others.

Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Hope you heal quick but if not attach a cup holder to one of the crutches. May sound goofy but it really works. When my back acts up I have to use a cane and I have a cup holder and a flash light attached to it. (live out in the country and it gets very dark don't want to break my neck) LOL

    1. Thanks Maureen! That is a great idea. I am weening myself off the crutch now and the doctor did say a cane might be a good idea. I might have to pimp my cane with some accessories. ;)


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