This page celebrates everything #Masonable! The Masonable is the mason jar equivalent of a lunchable. A Masonable uses one or two empty Fruit Cups and any wide mouth Mason Jar to make delicious snacks, lunches, breakfast or dessert! 

To see how this all got started check out this original post:

Since posting Masonables several other bloggers have featured it on their blogs or other social media. Many have created videos that have gone viral. A special thanks to Smart School House for making the first video catapulting Masonables to new heights. Check that video out here:

If you want to see all the videos being made I have started a YouTube Playlist just for Masonables. Check it out HERE.

****UPDATE 6/20/2017***

#Masonables just made it's debut on The Chew. 
I wish they had asked me to go to New York and share it with the world. 
I am still excited my little idea appeared on national TV! 

Did you know the Masonable inspired a new product design?

Kentucky Home Brands has developed a lid that joins wide mouth mason jars with regular mason jars to keep your meal ingredients separate 
until you are ready to enjoy. 

To get your Mason To Go Lids check out this link to their Amazon page.

To thank all those special people making and sharing what they put in their Masonable I have also created a Pinterest board. You can find so many ideas there, including Vegan Masonables and Masonables using Essential Oils. Go check them out:

With this increased interest in Masonables I have decided to create a weekly post called #MasonableMondays. Each Monday I will post something new to use all those mason jars and fruit cups. To find those posts check out this link:

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