Friday, January 24, 2014

Recipe Review: Poblano Posole

Today I made Rachael Ray's Poblano Posole. This was my first experience with Posole and hominy. It was very good. I love the poblanos and tomatillos. It reminds me of Suiza Enchiladas. I added a dollop of sour cream as a extra garnish. That really supported the Suiza flavor. I may be still on the fence about hominy? I liked it? It was like a dumpling or al dente pasta in texture; but had big corn flavor. I want to try a more traditional posole recipe with pork before I decide if I am a real fan. My favorite garnish with this soup or stew was the green onion. It was so good! 

I would recommend trying this recipe. But, I think when it comes to Posole I am a cautiously optimistic fan. I loved all the components. I am just a little unsure about the texture of hominy. I can't wait to try a more traditional recipe next time. Here's to new experiences!

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