Thursday, February 13, 2014

Traditional Hummus

Recently I learned that there are techniques for making really smooth hummus. I stumbled upon a My Fitness Pal message board where people were almost raging against grainy hummus. I thought really? Isn't this being a little picky? I mean a little grainy textured hummus is better than no hummus at all? Then people started offering suggestions. This is where it got interesting. Some swear you had to start with dry garbanzo beans and cook them until very soft. Others said you have to peel the canned garbanzo beans. Then one or two others said you had to cook canned garbanzo beans in water until very soft. Well I have to admit I really was not interested in all that work. I like my hummus now? But then my dear sister commented on the last batch of hummus I made. She said you got it smooth like I like it. What? I did not know that is what she was looking for in hummus. I guess everyone but me cares about the smoothness of hummus. So let the experimenting begin.

I decided to try to peel the garbanzo beans and share my basic hummus recipe with you. The recipe is one I copied from the WW recipe review board. The poster said it was the traditional way to make hummus. It is the recipe I use as a base for all my flavored hummus recipes. I think adding the reserved liquid from the can helps make the hummus smooth too. I always garnish the way one of the Greek restaurants here presents it. Drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with spices. So pretty! As far as the experiment goes, it actually works. Now this is the first of the methods I tried. I really don't know if I am qualified to say it is perfectly smooth hummus, since I did not have a problem with my hummus recipe before. But I can tell you it is really smooth, there is a definite difference. Dear sister thought it was great, so consider it one smooth hummus fan approved. I will try cooking the canned beans next. So stay tuned for more experiments and another hummus recipe.

Traditional Hummus
Makes about 1-3/4 cups


1 can garbanzo beans (drained, reserving liquid)(peeled optional)
3 Tbsp tahini
juice of 1 lemon (3 Tbsp)
2 cloves garlic, minced
3/4 to 1 tsp kosher salt, or to taste*


Add can of garbanzo beans, 1/3 cup of the liquid from the can, tahini, lemon juice, garlic and salt to the food processor. Blend until smooth. Add more liquid depending on how thick you like it. 

To serve: I spread 2 Tbsp on a plate. Make a moat in the hummus with the back of a spoon. Drizzle moat with olive oil. Sprinkle with paprika and chili powder. In the very center place a black olive (kalamata is best) and finely chopped pickled jalapeno. It looks like something from my favorite Greek restaurant. Serve with pita or veggies for dipping.

*Note: About salt, I usually eat hummus with vegetables and I find that you have to season the hummus with a little more salt. If you use it as a sandwich spread you should reduce the salt because deli meat is well seasoned. Be sure to adjust the salt to your taste or for your purpose.

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  1. I guess people take hummus very seriously! Grainy or smooth, I just like hummus period.

    Your hummus does look pretty with the smooth texture and the garnishes. I'm ready for a snack right now.
    Thanks for linking!

  2. I like this super smooth version looks fantastic.

  3. Your Hummus looks awesome, I will just love it! Thanks so much for sharing with Foods of The World as we visit Greece.
    Miz Helen


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