Friday, January 30, 2015

Hummus Experiment #3 and Recipe Reviews

Remember the smooth hummus experiment? Well I have been a little lax in experimenting. But when I came across Minimalist Baker's Best Ever 5 Minute Microwave Hummus recipe, I knew it was time for experiment number three. Dana went on and on about how close it was to restaurant hummus. Verdict ... She is SO RIGHT! Oh man this hummus is the right color, the right texture and taste amazing. It is so easy too. You just cook the garbanzo beans and garlic in the microwave and blend the hummus hot. Now you may be shocked at the amount of tahini and olive oil. But I think this is the secret to the recipe. I think many of us try to eliminate too much fat from our hummus recipes by cutting back on the tahini and olive oil. I am guilty of this myself. But it made a huge difference in the end results. So creamy and fluffy! I used four cloves of garlic because I knew cooking the garlic would mellow it out some. I didn't even add any salt because the can of beans I used were not low sodium. It taste perfect! I may have to revisit some of my own hummus recipes and "fatten" them up a bit.

So what did I do with this hummus? Well I admit, I ate some with a spoon. Don't judge! But the real reason I wanted to make hummus was to make a wonderful sandwich I just recently discovered. It is a Hummus Vegetable Sandwich from Martha Stewart. The first time I made this sandwich I made it with store bought hummus and finely diced olives. It was so amazing I decided to make homemade hummus and tapenade so I could make many more sandwiches. I have made sandwiches for my sister, I made a sandwich and took it to work for lunch. The hummus and the sandwich are so delicious. Turns out, this sandwich travels well too. It did not get soggy, it was perfect lunch time fare. I think this will become a regular around here. I hope you will try it for yourself.

Hummus Vegetable Sandwich
Adapted from Martha Stewart
Serves 1


2 slices light honey wheat bread
1/4 cup hummus
1 tablespoon olive tapenade
1/4 cucumber, thinly sliced
1 coarsely grated carrot


Spread 1 slice bread with hummus; spread remaining slice of bread with tapenade. Top hummus with cucumber slices and carrot. Place bread with tapenade on top to form a sandwich.

Want to know more about the Tapenade click here 
for two recipes. One spicy and one rich.

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  1. What a great experiment, I recently started eating hummus. My favorite is the roasted red peppers.

    1. Thanks!Leslie, You could always add jar roasted red peppers to the sandwich or the hummus. I bet it would be delicious! I may have to try that on mynext sandwich. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I love hummus with lots of garlic and lemon. What a great idea to use as a sandwich spread instead of the usual mayo. Good to hear that the sandwiches don't get soggy. That's always a bummer at work!


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