Sunday, October 21, 2012

Daddy Cooks Fresh Sausage and Grits

Today my sister and I went over to our parent’s house for breakfast. Mom is still off her feet for several more weeks. Daddy wanted to share some fresh sausage from Jacob’s with us. HE COOKED IT!!!!!! Mom talked him through it from her chair. When I arrived he had the sausage cooked, the grits cooking, he was doing a great job. I asked to make the eggs for him but he wouldn’t let me. He said he knew how she liked them. We are all lucky girls.

Now let me tell you about Fresh Sausage. It is mostly beef sausage that is not cured, pre-cooked or smoked in any way. It is a little spicy and flavored with garlic. My family has always browned it in a little oil on both side in a cast iron skillet. When it is good and brown in color water is added to the pan and you continue to cook it covered until cooked through. The result is perfectly cooked sausage and a thin brown gravy that you can pour over grits. It is a treat for us and definitely delicious.

Fresh Sausage shown in my Great Grandmother's Cast Iron

After a great breakfast, a little coffee and quick kitchen clean up, I began cooking Shrimp and Corn Soup. Another family recipe I will share in my next post.

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