Sunday, November 23, 2014

Recipe Review: Tahini Salad

Recently I discovered Tahini Salad. I had it as a side at Pita De' Novo. It was so good! It is very similar to Shepherd's Salad but instead of feta it is dressed with a tahini dressing. I really like the nutty, creamy dressing with the fresh cucumber, tomato and herbs. Well after having this new experience I started looking for recipes. I found one at Ziyad Brothers. I followed this recipe as close as possible. I did have to use garlic powder because I had used all my fresh in another recipe. I was a little skeptical about adding warm water to the dressing, so I waited to add it last. I just knew it would water down the tahini. Well let me tell you when I put the tahini into the lemon juice it was like a science experiment went off. It got really thick and almost fluffy as I stirred. So weird? But when you add the warm water it was the consistency of dressing. I searched to see if this was normal and yes others report the reaction too. So don't be surprised. You can use it as a party trick on your friends. Tahini Salad is not only delicious but entertaining as well. I hope your give it a try.

Tahini Salad
Serves 8


2 English cucumbers, diced
4 tomatoes, diced
1 bunch green onions, sliced
1/3 tsp. garlic powder
3/4 cup Tahini sauce
1/2 cup Lemon juice
1/2 cup water, warm
1/4 cup Olive Oil
1 bunch Parsley, chopped
1/4 cup fresh mint leaves, chopped


Dice cucumbers, tomatoes, and green onions and mix together in bowl. In a small bowl, mix together garlic powder, Tahini sauce, lemon juice, warm water and olive oil. Pour over cucumber mixture and mix well. Sprinkle with mint leaves and parsley, stir well. Serve chilled.

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  1. I enjoy tahini, but have never had it as a dressing for salad. This looks really good, Denise. And if it's that much fun to make, I have to try it!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Hi -I have some tahini in the fridge, think it's about 1/2 a cup. Perfect way to use it!
    When I make it I'll add your link to the post-


    1. Thanks Linda! You're in for a show and a salad. It is amazing how the tahini and the lemon juice reacts. I hope you enjoy it.


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