Friday, July 25, 2014


Dear sister and I are fans of Taco Bell's Meximelt. It is a warm tortilla filled with seasoned ground beef, cheese and pico de gallo. Delicious! Well ever since I found the recipe for Double Tomato Relish, I have been thinking about other ways to use it. I dubbed it "Italian salsa" so a Italian melt seemed logical. I would just modify the Meximelt to include more Italian ingredients. I used a small individual thin pizza crust for the tortilla. Italian sausage in place of seasoned ground beef. Mozzarella cheese and of course the "Italian salsa". Mom and dear sister said it reminded them of a calzone. It was sure easier than a calzone. If you can make a grill cheese or quesadilla, you have the skills to make this sandwich. This Italimelt is a delicious, hearty sandwich, perfect for a weeknight meal.

Serves 3


2 links turkey Italian sausage, casing removed
Olive oil
3 individual thin and crispy pizza crusts
Mozzarella cheese, shredded
Double Tomato Relish [click here for a recipe]


Brown sausage in a skillet over medium high heat, breaking up sausage with a wooden spoon. Cook until brown and set aside. Wipe skillet clean and drizzle with a little olive oil. Place pizza crust down, cover with cheese, a third of the crumbled sausage and two teaspoons of tomato relish. Cook covered until cheese is melted and pizza crust browns. Fold in half and remove from skillet to serve. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Cut each sandwich in half if desired.

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