Friday, March 20, 2015

Piri Piri Condiments

I have been experimenting with different Piri Piri Condiments. Piri Piri Mayo, Piri Piri Ketchup and even Piri Piri Barbecue Sauce. I started the experiment by mixing equal parts Piri Piri Sauce and the other condiments. All are delicious in their own way. Such an easy way to spice things up or replace your standard spread or sauce in all kinds of meals.

The Piri Piri Mayo is creamy and spicy. It was delicious on some fish tacos I made from leftover fried catfish from the church Men's Club Fish Fry. I made a simple cilantro slaw with honey, soy and rice vinegar. The tacos were a very tasty use of leftovers.

Pir Piri Mayo
1 Part Piri Piri Sauce + 1 Part Mayonnaise

The Piri Piri Ketchup is sweet and spicy. It was great with hashbrown potatoes. But it was by far my favorite condiment I tried on my Piri Piri Turkey Burgers. It complimented the Pineapple Pico de Gallo and for some reason it highlights the red pepper flavor in the Piri Piri Sauce. Delicious! Click here for more about the burger recipe.

Piri Piri Ketchup
1 Part Piri Piri Sauce + 1 Part Ketchup

Finally the Piri Piri Barbecue sauce is both smoky and spicy. I loved it with grilled chicken. I can't wait to try it on a beef burger seasoned with Piri Piri Seasoning. Do you think one can over use the words Piri Piri in a post? I think I can! I hope you will try a few of the new condiments. Let me know your favorite uses for each.

Piri Piri Barbecue Sauce
1 Part Piri Piri Sauce + 1 Part Hickory Barbecue Sauce

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